Blue Train to Pretoria

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Departing from Cape Town station at 14:00 pm, you’ll enjoy High Tea as you pass through the picturesque Winelands. Dinner is served in two slots, at 6:30 pm and 20:00 pm and dinner is an elegant affair with gentlemen requested to at least wear a jacket or waistcoat. Enjoy post-dinner drinks, cognacs and Cuban cigars in the Club Car before retiring to bed. You wake to the aroma of breakfast, followed by lunch at 13:15 pm and then at 14:00 pm you arrive at Kimberley one of the more remote towns right in the heart of South Africa but which has played an absolutely crucial role in the nation’s history. It was here that diamonds were discovered and men like Cecil Rhodes made their fortunes; doubtless, the presence of such massive mineral wealth also helped shaped Rhodes’ belief that the area should be governed by the British Empire. The Big Hole is Kimberley’s most striking feature, a vast hole 463 metres wide and originally excavated down to 240 metres by hand, yielding 2,700 kilograms of diamonds in its life as a mine. A visitor centre has grown around the mine and offers a great introduction into this remarkable period of South African history. You reboard the train for dinner and the overnight journey to Pretoria, awaking the next morning as you pass through the suburbs of Johannesburg and Pretoria. You arrive at 12.00 pm.

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