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This tour is a mixture of driving and walking, all in the company of an enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable local, keen to show off their wonderful city to you. You begin with a drive up to the hill overlooking downtown Durban from where the city is laid out before – the perfect vantage point for your guide to introduce you to the city. Then you descend into the busiest part of the city, Warwick Triangle. This is a busy, bustling intersection where traditional markets offer their wares: from the (initially quite shocking) animal parts used in muti (traditional medicine), to stalls of bright, vibrant clothes, and the incredible din of the music market, where sellers of cassettes and CDs vie to see whose sound-system is loudest. More so than almost anywhere else in the country, when you walk around these markets you really feel you’re in Africa.

Next stop is for lunch, indulging in Durban’s most famous dish: bunny chow. This is a nod to the city’s Indian heritage, as it’s a curry served in hollowed-out bread loaves, and it’s extremely tasty. You walk off lunch with a stroll around the colonial city centre – the ornate Victorian splendour of the City Hall and the peacefulness of the inner city gardens, before a final drive along the edge of Durban’s harbour.

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